Via Cool Hunting and Creative Layer: Adobe recently announced that in 2014 it will release its first attempt at hardware for illustrators and designers. Adobe plans to release a new stylusadobe-mighty-2-thumb-620x375-67210, The Mighty and a digital ruler, Napolean,adobe-mighty-3-thumb-620x337-67212 along with several new software products that function with the tools. According to the Creative Layer article: Adobe’s VP of Experience Design, Michael Gough, said:

When we shared our vision for the Creative Cloud at MAX, we said it would give us the opportunity and the impetus to innovate – and ultimately empower a new generation of creatives. With full hearts and open minds we also shared our first explorations into the future of creative hardware.

Today, I am excited to share the next milestone on this path: Adobe is moving our cloud pen, Project Mighty and our digital ruler, Project Napoleon, from a technology exploration to a planned product. We are teaming up with Adonit, an awesome band of makers with a shared belief in the power of creative devices paired with apps and services, to manufacture and ship Mighty and Napoleon in the first half of 2014.

Adobe is partnering with the company, Adonit (a maker of stylus devices) to produce the new line of creative tools.

This actually seems both very cool and yet amazingly frustrating to me. Both Chudd and I do a lot of vector based art and I’ve recently began illustrating with a stylus on a small tablet (my work right now is garbage, but I’m still practicing), however we’re both perpetually broke! Dammit! I want new stuff too! Why do my poor life choices and low income keep getting in the way of the shit I want? It’s something to think about.

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