Via Deviant Art: Good afternoon El Moochadores! Recently, Japanese artist Godohelp (aka Haruki Godo) decided to tweak the gender roles of some of the more popular Disney Princesses by swapping their costumes with their male counter parts. The illustration work is excellent and fun, and in the case of Meg, it just goes to show there’s no such thing as a kilt. The ancient Greek dudes have always just been wearing skirts, though they just never looked quite as good. I gotta say that the Jane costume swap kind reminds me of something from Dr. Who and now I’m thinking it would actually be kind of cool to see a girl doctor! Anyways, check out the great artwork bellow and don’t forget to visit Godohelp’s deviant page and tell him (him? is Haruki or Godo a girl’s name in Japanese?) that he’s (she’s) doing a great job!


costume_swap_12_by_godohelp-d6mo9jc costume_swap_11_by_godohelp-d6mo9j1 costume_swap_10_by_godohelp-d6mo9i9 costume_swap_9_by_godohelp-d6lzqxu costume_swap_8_by_godohelp-d6lzqzq costume_swap_7_by_godohelp-d6lzqz3 costume_swap_6_by_godohelp-d6lzqyi costume_swap_5_by_godohelp-d6lqb7t costume_swap_4_by_godohelp-d6lqatw costume_swap_3_by_godohelp-d6lqa9z costume_swap_2_by_godohelp-d6lq9z7

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