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Damn I’m horrible about keeping up with this. We both thought this would be a good way to help us build some drawing skill, but also take part in creating some geek art of our own. Since we’ve started this blog we’ve seen some really amazing and talented work that others have done, and I think both of us would love to be able to produce work on the level of those we’ve posted on. We got a long way to go… Anyone else who wants to post their weekly geek-art…thing.. along with us is more than welcome to (skill level does not matter). Just send a jpeg to Trog ( and we’ll post it up here. Anyhow, let us know what you think.

Frankenstein’s Monster by Trog


You can see more of Trog’s work here!

Yoda by Chudd


You can see more of Chudd’s work here!

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  1. Wow!

    OK, I love how Chudd captured the weird face dimple that the Yoda puppet had in his dialog scenes. You even captured the weird wisps of white hair that I never noticed until years later.

    Trog’s Frank is really scary! I love how his features are off-kilter, one eye too high, chin not even, etc.

    Once again it’s a toss-up. I’m going to call it for Chudd, but you’re both winners.

  2. Thanks man. Again though, it’s not a competition. NOT a competition. Also, why don’t you sketch something up and we’ll post it next Saturday?

  3. You’re saying I should join the competition? Hmmm…

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