Sharky—Atomeka Comics

Hey El Moochadors, sorry I missed last week’s comic review. Seemed I caught a mild case of Captain Trips last weekend, and wasn’t up to siting in front of my Mac, with a head full of snot, trying to review the latest issue of Deadpool (which was fucking awesome by the way). Anyhow, Titan Books sent us another graphic novel to review. This time it’s Sharky! Volume 1: When Titans Clash by Atomeka Press, written by Dave Elliott and illustrated by Alex Horley. It’s about a comic booking loving 16 year old lad, who—from what I understood in the comic—is an illegitimate son of Odin (or Vilak…?), and is able to transform himself into the musclebound shade wearing Sharky. I think that’s about it…

Here’s the tough part about doing these reviews: trying to spew out my thoughts in some coherent form. So, what did I think of the book? I liked it. I really enjoyed the art work of Alex Horely, especially the covers and pages that were more “painted”. Felt like I was reading an issue of Heavy Metal at times. Also I really enjoyed the character cameos from other independent comics, like the Mask, Savage Dragon, Vampirella, Mr. Monster and others. That made me feel like I was reading comics back in the 90s again, which I really appreciated.


The story wasn’t a let down either. You got Sharky’s (Patrick’s) origin, and plenty of zombie/monster fights. Sharky seems like an alternate version of Shazam. Not really a rip-off, but didn’t really feel like parody either. Just felt like he was an alternate version of that idea, but his own character. The same with a couple of the other characters that had obvious influences, but still felt like their own characters. Like Blazin’ Glory (Captain America) and Thor: Goddess of Thunder (The Mighty Thor).

There is one thing that is confusing me about the Sharky character. In the beginning of the book Patrick is reading an issue of Sharky where he faces off against the Mask. So when the kid turns in to the demi-god version of Sharky, is he just turning himself into the character he really loves? If he wanted to, could he turn himself into any other character? Seems like he would be able to because he was able to make other characters he reads about appear. I dunno…

Overall, it’s a good read and worth checking out. If you can’t afford the print version that Titan is putting out (’cause you’re broke like me), then you can read it here on the web. I’m kind of glad I came across this because there’s more stories on here then there was in the book. The one I’m reading now guest stars Julie Strain in her Heavy Metal 2000 outfit. Sure it’s just a drawing of her, but it’s a damn fine drawing.

I guess that’s all I’ve got to say about it. Hopefully next we’ll be able to continue on with the reviews. Later!

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