Okay El Moochadores, Halloween is right around the corner and this being my second favorite holiday of the year (1st being Comic Con) I think I’ll spend the rest of this month focusing on the spooky, weird, and scary things created by all the fanboys and fangirls out there. First up are these very cool paintings, by artist Heather Ackley, of Slimer and Stay Puft! Ackley has a massive amount of talent and I think she did a wonderful job on these paintings. Ackley’s portfolio also includes some other brilliant geek art il_570xN.460108525_cb7d (which I’ll probably write about on a non-Halloween month), and a lot of stuff with dogs. Woof. But for now please enjoy these wonderful pieces and maybe go check out her Etsy account and buy a print for yourself! Now, someone with money or influence (who I’m sure reads Atomic Moo) go and commission her to paint a lascivious portrait of Janine Melnitz for me. There’s just something so wild about those big damn glasses…



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