The Fantastic Transformers Art of Alex Milne!


Alex Milne (aka Markerguru on Deviant Art) is a talented artist with an amazing ability to render rad Transformers art. That’s right, I said “Rad”, just like we use to say in the 1980’s (or Utahn’s say now) when the Transformers first premiered. Milne is a professional artist “primarily involved with the transformer comics” for IDW and as far as I can tell (read) some (most) of his work is rendered by hand using drawing tools like pencil, pitt pens, copic markers, prisma white pencil cryaon, and sakura white gel pen on bristle board. Milne has also produced some fantastic art outside the realm of Transformers. a_wicked_couple_by_markerguru This work is brilliant and, for me, shows the level of talent a person can achieve when they draw the stuff they love. Just looking at some of these images get’s me stoked to go draw, vector, or paint! Though, I think it’s going to be a long time before I’m making giant robots this cool.

I’ve posted a small sample of Milne’s work below, but go an visit his Deviant page, or IDW comics (links above), to see more of his work!


tf_mtmte_21_cover_lineart_by_markerguru-d6q269r tf_mtmte_18_cover_lineart_by_markerguru-d5y2k4j tf_mtmte_17_cover_lineart_by_markerguru-d5v1bce Dinobots_coloured_by_markerguru tfcon_2011_comic_cover_by_markerguru-d41zcli tf_ongoing_issue_22_cover_a_by_markerguru-d3nkxpc jazz_colours_by_markerguru-d305j3q hound_commission_by_markerguru-d3r7cw4 commission_springer_by_markerguru-d6q2dcc

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  1. Totally rad.

  2. Mister Trog

    10/12/2013 at 10:46 pm


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