Via Hey El Moochadores! This morning, while I was twittling (not a real word) time away on the internet, I came across this fantastic looking animation “How to kit” for kids! By all appearances, The Animation Studio, looks to be an all in one stop motion box set that any kid can use with something as simple as an iPhone or a digital camera! Here’s what is included in the box set (according to the Skwigly article):

  • A sturdy & durable cardboard film set, complete with windows and opening doors. The set can be reversed and also comes with replaceable backgrounds – you can choose from a beach, alien planet or an inventor’s workshop.
  • Ready-made cardboard pop-out props, such as trees, clouds and rocks etc.
  • Press on facial features and speech bubbles.
  • Animation-Studio-Components

  • Storyboard sheets. These aren’t just templates – they come with a pre-filled in section that introduce children to some simple cinematic concepts and camera angles, encouraging the budding filmmaker to fill in the remaining panels.
  • Animation toys. No animation kit for children would be complete without an introduction to some of the early animated toys – the zoetrope and thaumatrope – both are supplied as pop-out, ready to assemble kits complete with an explanation.

The box set and accompanying book were created by Helen Piercy.
I know it was said in the original source article, but I really do wish I had something like this when I was a kid! Hell, I’m mostly an adult (physically anyways) and I may go looking for this kit. Check out the video below or visit Piercy’s site for more information on the kit!

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