Robocop Re-enactment by Comicbookgirl19

Well I promised my brother Trog I would do a post today, and he’s been bugging me to do a review on a book Titan sent us. It’s an awesome book, and I was hoping to do it, but that was before a large lunch and a hair cut. Now I just want to take a nap. So here’s something pretty interesting instead (and won’t take as much time as writing a book review). I came across this video earlier (via… shit, I lost the link…), and it’s by a cute geek-girl that goes by the name Comicbookgirl19 on Youtube. I think we came across this girl at the last San Diego Comic-Con. I remember behind one of the booths there was a smallish-chick in a paper-craft/cardboard like Robocop outfit. I’ll see if I can find a photo…


Same girl? I don’t know. I’ll ponder this while I lay down for a Sunday afternoon nap. Which I’m off to do… right now. Later!

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