Since 2007 Gallery 1988 has put on the annual Crazy for Cult art show. A show chuck full of lovable pop-culture movie references and geek creativity. To commemorate this event (and possibly to give poor nerds like me a taste of the experience) Gallery 1988 and Titan Books have produced the second volume of this vast collection of art based on the cult films most of us grew up with! Here’s the synopsis:

Gallery 1988’s annual Crazy 4 Cult art show has quickly become a phenomenon, with huge crowds and high profile buyers like Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon snapping up work by the cream of the underground/urban scene. Following 2011’s critically acclaimed first volume, here’s the eagerly awaited second selection of surprising, beautiful and just plain cool cult movie-inspired artwork.

I love this book. If ever there was a book that makes me want to get off my ass and start making art, this is the one! Under the hardcover of this book are amazing works of art on such films as A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Ghostbusters, Alien, Little Shop of Horrors, Shaun of the Dead, Back To the Future, duder of thronesTerminator, Goonies, Pee Wee, and (damnit!) I could keep going but I’m just not going to! the important thing is that they’re in there and they’re all done by brilliant artist like Bruce White, Andrew Wilson, Rhys Cooper, and many more! There’s also a funny forward by Seth Rogan and a introduction by Gallery 1988 founder Jensen Karp. However, this being a review, I only have a couple of complaints: One, Titan didn’t hand over the first edition (damnit). Two, where’s the Repo Man art? You guys call yourselves cult movie lovers and not one of you put in a portrait of Otto or a floating neon-green Malibu? WTF?

Anyways, Crazy4Cult 2 can found online at Titan Books or at the Gallery 1988 Website.

Below I’ve included just a few sample images of some of the art included in Crazy4Cult 2, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Buy the book and own the whole experience!


BruceWhite Stitched Panorama Print EricBraddock EricTan JasonEdmiston KimHerbst MattChase TomWhalen

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