We’re always looking for the creative geeks who are out there making the cool, and new, independent projects that inspire and entertain. In that pursuit I’ve been to conventions, gaming-nights, comic book stores, and (of course) all over the Web, but who knew I’d find a creative individual at my day job? It was just this last year I found out that one of my co-workers is a Cartoonist and a part of the Website, Slam Bang Media! Slam Bang is multi-media creative outlet that does cartooning, comics, Photography, illustration, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Operated by photographer AllanFreeman Allen Freeman, and cartoonist/ illustrator Dean LeCrone, DeanLeCrone Slam Bang Media has done work for groups like Microsoft Xbox, Caliber Comics, PBS and Fantagraphic books. They’re also pretty damn nifty at producing their own comics and cartoons slambang6v3coversmall300, like LeCrone’s Doc Smith series. StrangeBoyCover Also, while checking out their site I saw that Slam Bang had produced a 2006 documentary/fan film called Dean LeCrone vs the Mutants of Comic-Con. Click the link to check it out. Slam Bang also has several comic volumes for sale and can be purchased at I’ve posted a small sample of their work below, but there’s much (much!) more on their site and well worth a look!


Bongo Capture illustration_1 Doc Smith Doc Smith2 Strange Boy

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