Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2013!!!


Hey El Moochadores! This last Saturday, Chudd and I were able to pull off the near impossible feat of aligning our schedules (and getting the time off from work)Comikaze_2013-022 to attend this years Comikaze Expo 2013! Okay, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2013! That’s better.

Now in it’s second year, Comikaze Expo had over 45,000 attendees in 2013 with well over 500 artists and vendors displaying their stuff! Though, Chudd and I were only able to arrange for one day at the con (which means we both saw a lot in that one day, but also missed alot…) this years Comikaze had a bunch of geek affiliated celebrity guest including; Bruce Campbell, Alyssa Milano, Edward James Olmos, Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira), Weird Al YankovicComikaze_2013-262, Kevin Smith, and of course Stan Lee. Also, there in attendance were several comic book industry professionals like J. Scott Campbell, John Romita jr., and Kevin Eastman and dozens more! In addition to the celebrity and comic industry professionals, Comikaze had range of panels and screenings to inform and entertain attendees. I thought it was great how they included the “Hot Topic” main stage on the exhibit hall floor so that all attendees could watch celebrity interviews (and a costume contest) without having to wait in line for access to some packed ball room.

Okay, so here’s where I get to say what I liked about this event. First: both Chudd and I want to sincerely thank the organizers for allowing us into the con as press. It was an incredible experience and it meant a great deal to us. Second; it was great to see some of our prior Atomic Moocast interviewees like Nicole Brune, The Winner TwinsComikaze_2013-155 (who also ran a great panel on creative writing and selling your works to Hollywood!), and we even ran into Mandy Realistikk while in line to meet Weird Al! I should also apologize to the ladies. I’m much more awkward and shy in real life than I am over the internet… d’oh. Third: we’re huge fans of independent work and Comikaze was brimming with independent artist and creators. By going to this event I was able to pick up dozens of indie comics to review here. As well as information on fine art pieces, original graphic works (and their artist), and even geek related charities! Comikaze may not be the biggest event in Southern California, but that also worked in it’s favor! Chudd and I attended on it’s busiest day and we still got access to everything we wanted to see! Don’t get me wrong, I love larger events like San Diego Comic Con, but in recent years it’s become kind of a beast. By attending Comikaze we had time to talk with artist (and writers!) and time to look at their works! So maybe you didn’t get into last years San Diego Comic Con, but that shouldn’t bother you, because Comikaze is here now and it’s a blast!

Below I’ve posted some of the photos Chudd and I took while in attendance on Saturday! There was some very cool cosplay and art at the con and below is just a meager sampling of it all!


Our Pics from Comikaze Expo 2013!

2013-11-02-09.57.23 2013-11-02-09.58.56 2013-11-02-10.22.59 2013-11-02-15.25.49 2013-11-02-15.35.34 2013-11-02-17.00.42 Comikaze_2013-028 Comikaze_2013-030 Comikaze_2013-032 Comikaze_2013-034 Comikaze_2013-035 Comikaze_2013-045 Comikaze_2013-048 Comikaze_2013-051 Comikaze_2013-062 Comikaze_2013-063 Comikaze_2013-068 Comikaze_2013-065 Comikaze_2013-074 Comikaze_2013-076 Comikaze_2013-077 Comikaze_2013-080 Comikaze_2013-084 Comikaze_2013-082 Comikaze_2013-085 Comikaze_2013-093 Comikaze_2013-086 Comikaze_2013-101 Comikaze_2013-102 Comikaze_2013-107 Comikaze_2013-110 Comikaze_2013-114 Comikaze_2013-112 Comikaze_2013-117 Comikaze_2013-122 Comikaze_2013-119 Comikaze_2013-124 Comikaze_2013-126 Comikaze_2013-125 Comikaze_2013-129 Comikaze_2013-134 Comikaze_2013-132 Comikaze_2013-147 Comikaze_2013-150 Comikaze_2013-153 Comikaze_2013-157 Comikaze_2013-158 Comikaze_2013-163 Comikaze_2013-165 Comikaze_2013-166 Comikaze_2013-167 Comikaze_2013-172 Comikaze_2013-173 Comikaze_2013-175 Comikaze_2013-182 Comikaze_2013-189 Comikaze_2013-183 Comikaze_2013-191 Comikaze_2013-193 Comikaze_2013-192 Comikaze_2013-200 Comikaze_2013-203 Comikaze_2013-207 Comikaze_2013-210 Comikaze_2013-213 Comikaze_2013-212 Comikaze_2013-215 Comikaze_2013-216 Comikaze_2013-223 Comikaze_2013-225 Comikaze_2013-236 Comikaze_2013-238 Comikaze_2013-244 Comikaze_2013-245 Comikaze_2013-247

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  1. Weird Al held up really well for a musician! He must drink lots of milk and go to bed by 8 o’clock.

  2. Mister Trog

    11/04/2013 at 8:22 pm

    He needs to grow back the mustache!

  3. Him and Alex Trebek! Tom Selleck already caved.

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