Hey El Moochadores! My computer has been all sorts of weird the last day or so, but the last post I was working on was about this really cool Cosplay video from MCM London Comic Con 2013! The video was produced and hosted by Nathaniel Lendor (or “Nate” as I would call him if we were friends, but I don’t actually know the guy… or have any friends…) who does a great job of asking questions and showing us some great costumes. Here’s what he had to say about the video:

MCM Expo – London Comic con took place in October 2013. The second and final exhibition of the year. I decided to brave the English elements and once again find out why London Comic Con is so much fun, and just what makes cosplayers so uniquely awesome!

Huge thanks to everyone who let me film and interview them. You guys make these videos possible!

Also, this video reminds me that I really want a girlfriend with an English accent. Think of all the dirty things she could say to me and they would still sound so nice!


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