Atomic Moo Comic Review: Guns A’Blazin! Book One: Runnin’ With the Devil

Atomic Basement Guns A'Blazin #1 Cover

I’m not sure if I picked this issue up at the SoCal Comic Con or Comikaze (I believe it was the SoCal con), but after reading a stack of independents I picked up at the two conventions I thought I should review this one first. It’s Guns A’Blazin! The Gunpowder Edition, Book One: Runnin’ With the Devil. Published by Atomic Basement, created by Mike Wellman (Writer) and Rafael Navarro (Artist).

So here’s the story (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!): Cody (a cowboy?) is aided in escaping an old western fort by a time traveler, Eddie, during an attack by hostile indians, trolls (or maybe they were demons), and futuristic disk-riding space woman. Apparently, she really wanted Cody’s revolver, which also seemed to be his time travel device. They end up going back in time sixty-five million years to the Cretaceous period, and narrowly escape the jaws of a nasty looking dinosaur by the help of a sexy cave girl in a fur bikini—wait… were there sexy cave girls in fur bikinis sixty-five million years ago? I guess that’s one for our science officer Nekko to figure out.

Sexy Cave Girl

Before Cody (and us) can get an explanation from Eddie of what’s going on, Cody is seduced by the sexy cave girl and runs off to make love to her (can’t really blame him for that). The following day, the sexy cave girl leads the two cowboys to a ridge over looking a (secret?) futuristic base of space men… which apparently isn’t good….

Alright, I really should’ve pick up a couple of the other books while I had the chance (it sucks being a poor goofy white kid), because I’m not sure what’s going on here. Who’s the disc riding space lady? How does an old west revolver travel through time? How did Eddie steal it from her? How did Eddie and Cody meet? Why were they at that fort? Who are the space men at the end? Why is there a sexy cave girl in the time of dinosaurs? Okay, despite the bad science, that part didn’t bother me too much. I’m all for sexy bikini clad cave women. Hell the only reason why I like Planet of the Apes was because of Nova (see below). And finally, will Sexy Cave Girl be in more of the books (I ask with one eyebrow arched…)?


Overall, despite my questions, the artwork was really good, and it was a fun story—Dinosaurs vs Cowboy, what’s not to like?. I’m thinking if I run into these guys at another convention I’ll pick up the other issues of this story, and get a better idea of what’s going on (that is if I can afford all of ’em). Here’s what I believe is their web site (link) where you can get some more info on Atomic Basement and some of their other books. Anyhow, that’s all I have for now. Hopefully I’ll get another review on soon. Until then, later!

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  1. Cavegirls had some pretty good stone razors for shaving, didn’t they?

  2. Don’t kill the fantasy Neko.

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