One would think a Sasquatch would have a lot to say about all sorts of stuff. Popular topics might be: forest dwelling, squirrels, being a myth, etc…. One would also think that, if a Sasquatch were to go to another planet (say Mars), said Sasquatch would be double eager to say something (maybe beyond being a Sasquatch deep in his own Sasquatchy-ness) about being the first Earth creature to inhabit another planet! Well, maybe we don’t get a talking Sasquatch, but in Brew House Comic’s Six issue mini-series, Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman, we get an asskicking giant who stomps his way across the red planet! Created by writer Josh S. Henaman and illustrators Andy Talyor, and Thomas Bonvillian (cool last name…), Sword of the Earthman is like John Carter of Mars meets Conan meets Harry and the Hendersons! Here’s the synopsis:

The dying planet needed a hero… what they got was a sasquatch. Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman isn’t the story of how Bigfoot became a myth on Earth. It’s the story of how he became a legend of the stars… and it’s finally here! The #1 issue of a 6-issue mini-series starring everyone’s favorite gigantopithecus (Bigfoot).

Gigantopithecus means “Bigfoot” – groovy. If you’re a fan of indie comics then chances are you’ll enjoy a story about Bigfoot on Mars. As far as issue one goes, the art work and coloring are excellent. Both artist have studied at the Joe Kubert school and have industry professional credits- which reflect strongly in the book. The story (though lacking any Sasquatch dialogue… damnit) is pretty solid as well, and does exactly what a first issue should do in establishing the heroes, villains, and environment. It had the feel of Conan the Barbarian (but with aliens) and seemed to not too much like any thing from Edgar Rice Burroughs’s books.

You can get your own copy of Bigfoot, Sword of the Earthman online at the Brew House Comics online store. They also have eBook issues online at and iTune!

Below I’ve posted a few sample pages from the Bigfoot Website. These are the first four pages of the book!


bigfoot-comic-book-the-pitch Bigfoot-comic-book-Page-1 Bigfoot-comic-book-Page-2 Bigfoot-comic-book-Page-3

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