Dangerworld Cover_v2

Hey El Moochadors. Here’s another indy that we picked up at Comikaze a couple weeks ago. It’s the first issue of DANGERWORLD by DC Roberts, and published by Obscure Brand Comix.

So, here’s the first issue (sorry, I may spoil somethings… you’ve been warned!): Sometime in the future, a young gamer (and genetically altered clown?), named Matchead constantly hacks into a popular “hyper-reality” game called DANGERWORLD where his gaming character, SGT. Smashead, reigns as a champion. During a mission to knock out some shield generators, the game glitches and all the characters are frozen, except for Smashead. A cthulhulian/shoggoth like monster appears and starts to probe the minds of all the players, but for some reason can’t probe his. Being alerted that the “Gravity Rangers” (I think these are law enforcement robots looking for hackers) are on to him, Matchead exits the game and makes his escape.

At Portal Industries HQ (the company that manages hyper-reality games), they’re aware of some glitches in the systems framework, that my be caused by their rivals, The Church of the True Science. They send one of their developers, Mr. Stitch, into the VR realm to talk with the games creator, Professor Portal (who’s online persona is Captain Power), to inform him of the situation). Once being alerted to the danger, Mr. Stitch is ditched in the VR Realm with out knowing how to get out, while Captain power flies off to talk with the church’s “Grand Protectorate” about the situation.


So, what did I think…? Visually, it definitely had an indy feel to it, which I really liked. I even enjoyed that it was black and white (I dunno, for some reason I like independents and small press to be black and white, I’m not sure why… probably a nostalgia thing). Though the characters seem to have a simplistic cartoonish look, each panel is packed with detail. I’ve spent sometime just checking out all the back ground elements Roberts drew in there.

Dangerworld Pg 2

I also like the story as well. It was fun, and I think having a story with two duel realities can be very interesting (the VR world vs. the “real” world). I guess my one criticism is there’s a lot of background stuff and character history going on that I’m totally unfamiliar with. Almost like there’s previous issues to this (is there?) that I should’ve read. I would like to know more about what’s going on in the “real” world. What is the society like? Is it dystopian? Is it corporate controlled? There are robots and VR, so it’s the future, but I would like to know what kind of future. Also I would like to know more about the Dangerworld game. What are the rules, what kind of characters can you be, who are the enemies, can you be horde or alliance? And what the heck is Stanely Peepers? The pair of goggly eyes that pop up on Matchead’s wrist? Where did he pick Peepers up? What is he? I got a lot of questions, and hopefully they’ll get answered in future issues.

Overall, I feel it’s worth picking up. Hopefully there will be a second issue soon, and we’ll get to learn more of that world. To pick up an issue you can visit their website. You can also find them on Facebook as well. If you want to see more comics by Roberts though, go to his website. Read the True Life RV Adventures. I got a pretty good chuckle out of it. Anyhow, that’s my review for this week. Next week I’ll have another one for you. Later!

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