Via Geeks are Sexy: In his Web Comic, Something Terrible, artist Dean Trippe illustrates his sexual abuse as a child and all the horrible things, like depression and thoughts of suicide, that followed after. Trippe’s comic shows how comic books (mostly Batman)story1_color_strip9 helped him recover from these experiences and, in a quote found on he said:

I made this for folks like me, many of whom are still living with shame, guilt, and fear (many of the responses I’ve received have mentioned similar suicide pacts). I’m aiming to get this out into the public consciousness, because while most facts people know actually come from hearing them in stories, updated information takes decades to filter back into new stories, as most writers cover the same ground with what they learned from others’ stories. Eskimos don’t have a crazy number of words for ‘snow,’ sharks don’t have to keep swimming to live, Mister Rogers wasn’t a fighter pilot, and victims of child sexual abuse don’t become offenders. We’d need a new word to out-class the present epidemic if they did because the incidence stats are horrifying.

Something Terrible can be purchased for only $0.99 here or you can see an abridged version (also Via Upworthy) below. Artist Dean Trippe is also known for the parody comic Butterfly and the Last Cast Podcast.


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