A little “common ground” is needed before we can proceed with the following review. First: Grimm is a pretty cool show on NBC (Yeah, who’d a thought, right?)Grimm-Season-2-350x262 where in a Portland detective takes on a hidden world of monsters. Second: A Grimm is a “human with special abilities, including that of seeing a Wesen’s true form when it is only partially in Woge. “Wesen” and “Woge”, you ask. Well, third: a Wesen is “a group of creatures with a human form and a second creature-like form that can be seen when the Woge (or transform), which they do deliberately or under stress.” Okay, now go watch a few episodes and we can begin talking about Aunt Marie. We’ll Wait.

Okay. Now that you’ve seen the show (or maybe you were already a fan and we’re just wasting time) we can start in with Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore! Published through Titan Books, this collection of photos, illustrations, and lore thoroughly explores the many Wesen that have appeared in the television shows three seasons. Here’s the synopsis:

As his Aunt Marie is dying, homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he is descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as “Grimms”, who keep the balance between humanity and mythological creatures. As well as inheriting the “gift” from his aunt of being able to see the creatures’ true forms, he also inherits useful artefacts, including the Book of Lore.

Chuck full of grim (serious, no pun intended) illustrations and photos from the show, this “guide” book to the monsters of Grimm does a great job of explaining the Wesen and their histories. At times, the script fonts used do get a little hard to read, but the book does retain a good “creepy quality.” The book probably would have been better off as a hard bound edition, but that’s a minor complaint as compared to the wealth of story based lore inside it’s covers that will help fans learn more about the Wendigo, Gluhenvolk,and Blutbad (Monroe) that lurk in the shadows of… Portland. Ahh, sick sinister Portland with your granolas, hipsters, and Wesen…

Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore is now available in book stores everywhere or online at Titan Books! I’ve posted some images below from the book which, because my scanner is on the fritz, I had to pull from the internet. As always, this is just the tip of the iceberg and only a small sample of what’s inside the book.


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