Good evening El Moochadores! One of the many talented artist we met at Comikaze this last year was illustrator/ designer Justin Harder. After finding his promotional card in our “stack of Comikaze” swag, I was going to post about his very cool geeky art work, or maybe even the very awesome short animation he did called Lil’Italy, but that will all have to wait, because of the rapping Thor video I found on his website! Yup. A rapping Thor video! According to the site, Harder and his studio, Claus did the painting for the end title sequence of Thor: The Dark World;SHOT_04_REVISIONS_2000_2000 to celebrate the films release, Harder and crew, did the right thing… which is putting on a pair of black “parachute” pants and performing a parody of MC Hammers, “Can’t Touch This!” Sister and Brethren Moo, please do enjoy the best Marvel Comics/ early 1990’s rap mash-up ever made!

Dude has some moves…

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