Hello El Moochadores! Animals, mice in particular, have become an important part of my life recently. Not in a weird way… well, actually in a bizarrely strange way… the point is: I like critters. So, if there’s a group out there trying to help them out and make animations at the same time, well then I want to pass that information along. Having said all that – please check out Hamstrong by GFZ Studios in Vancouver, Canada. Their purpose is to raise awareness about animal cruelty and help put an end to it. Here’s a quote from their Kickstarter:

Every day, millions of helpless animals around the world are abused and mistreated. Hamstrong is created to bring awareness to the mistreatment of domestic, farm, and wild animals, as well as cruelty towards lab animals.816b2ec59b819ac8b5c88dc412357668_large We hope to create a better tomorrow for all animals by using education as a method of prevention. We believe that raising awareness and educating younger audiences about animal cruelty will make a big difference to the lives of animals.

The animation stars Hamstrong a hamster who, along with other captured animals plots his escape from the evil lab. When finished, the series will consist of twelve six-minute web episodes. Their Kickstarter still has some time left and they could really use your help to get this project finished. Posted below is the trailer for the series. Check it out and be sure to go visit Ham-strong.com for more information on the series and how to support it.


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