Good evening El Moochadores! Comic book writer Adam Jack (**From Atomic Moocast #34**) and Under Belly Comics have set out to make a new graphic novel, and you can help get it made through their Kickstarter campaign! Hunting House Cats is, “a dark, coming-of-age story that follows three young men stuck between high school and the rest of their lives.” Created by Adam Jack, and wonderfully illustrated by Toronto based artist, John little, the book follows the lives of three friends (Foster, Jack, and Dustin) and how they begin to drift apart after high school.

Like a cross between a John Hughes and Tarinteno film “House Cats” takes a uniquely dark look at the late teen experience.

More information can be found on the projects Kickstarter page as well as a list of rewards for contributing. Below I’ve posted both the Kickstarter video and the comics trailer. Go check it out and throw them some cash so that we can all get an awesome comic book!

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