Via Sexy Star Wars Girls: Hello El Moochadores! London based tattoo artist, Matt Difa does all sorts of cool/geeky tattoos and illustrations, but we wanted to post about his amazing talent for drawing Star Wars stuff on skin! Check out a small sample of his tattoo work below, but you can also see more of his art on the Jolie Rouge Facebook page or on Instagram.


167399_320904161318390_1719606528_n 1454754_527220530686751_515721952_n 1453398_527220847353386_133030971_n 1390731_527220937353377_54165478_n 1385877_527221017353369_1691249414_n 1383292_527220757353395_1292721773_n 1382216_527220614020076_1904612365_n 1375866_513312532077551_1782172712_n 947278_527220797353391_1755460951_n 603235_401204356621703_1082450956_n 598741_371341366274669_352208720_n 563104_279918898750250_246276400_n 551490_279919142083559_122481957_n 545752_279918688750271_1207427254_n 538471_401204393288366_720215279_n 425150_343591669049639_1930031580_n 421273_361718183903654_2070488414_n

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