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When Trog and I went to Comikaze over a month ago, I took a quick photo of a gorgeous girl in a great looking Batgirl costume (below). She was super friendly and struck a pose for us, which I thought was really cool. A few weeks later I was browsing through deviantArt, and recognized the Batgirl from the convention. I sent her a note and she was awesome enough to answer a few Q&A questions for us. I really don’t know that much about her, other than she goes by the name of Tenleid, she exists in both Toronto and Southern California (at the same time?), and she’s pretty cute. Kind of mysterious actually. Anyhow, check out the Q&A below, and enjoy.


1. When did you first get interested in Cosplay, and why?

In Canada we have a TV station called YTV. Every year they would cover Canadas biggest convention Anime North. They interviewed cosplayers and showed off the con. I actually thought you had to wear a costume at a convention, so when I went my first year I made a costume, and was hooked!

2. What is one of the best lessons you have learned since you started Cosplaying?

Failure is important, as is trial and error! I’ve learned so much from messing up (sometimes more than once) and not settling for “good enough” with my costumes.

3. What is your favorite character to cosplay?

Its a tie between Black Bat and Chie Satonaka! Theyre both characters I absolutely love, and the costumes are some of my most comfortable, without being too boring. Especially Chie, i’ve met a ton of amazing people at conventions who were fans of Persona 4.

Tenleid Che Satonaka

4. Which costume has been the most difficult to create and wear?

Starfire, for sure! People seem to have the misconception that revealing costumes are easy because there’s so little too them.. but in fact, that actually makes them harder. 90% of the time, characters in revealing outfits have impossible costumes that defy gravity. New 52 Starfire is a great example of that — she’s got this ridiculous top that barely covers anything, and defies gravity. There is absolutely no way to make a top do that in real life, so some changes need to be made, and it’s on the cosplayer to figure out how to make changes to a costume while keeping it accurate. There was also the challenge of Starfires hair, which is.. well, floor length fire. I opted for a more practical solution of sewing together a bunch of wigs instead of the other option, setting my head on fire~

Tenleid Starfire

5. How do you choose your costumes?

I basically cosplay any character I really, really like! Regardless of out boring or elaborate the design is. I put a lot of time/effort in to costumes, so I couldnt imagine putting all that in to a costume for a character I dont really connect with, so I dont really cosplay characters from things ive never watch/read/played

6. What is your creative process for making a costume?

– A lot of reference gathering (both of the artwork and sometimes other cosplayers)
– I usually do a mockup or two or.. three, depending on how complicated it is! Basically I take cheap fabric and make the entire costume. I then rip it at the seams, and use that as a pattern! The mockups usually take the most time, with lots of alterations, but its better than messing up expensive fabric.
Usually I work on wigs/props last, just because theyre my least favorite thing.

7. What characters are you planning to cosplay in the near future?

Oh boy, i’ve got a huuuge list! I do think 2014 is going to be filled with lots of Kill La Kill, Evangelion and lots more DC, including some superfamily stuff as welll as some bat family!

Kill La Kill

8. What events will you be attending in the coming year?

Major conventions I’ll be going to for sure are:
Anime LA
Anime Expo

And basically any smaller con that happened in SoCal!

9. Where can we see your work online?

I’ve got way too much social media. I post my cosplays to deviantart and facebook (facebook.com/tenleid), progress to my instagtam (instagram.com/tenleid) and complain about school/my daily life on twitter (tenleid)

Tenleid Aquaman Tenleid Cammy Tenleid Nightwing Tenleid Time Skip Yoko Tenleid Kidagakash Nedakh Teleid Cammy White

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  1. Thank you, Atomic Moo, for a startling glimpse of a secret world. I really don’t understand anime at all, or Canada, but I’m learning.

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