Brilliant Art Work from Coran “Kizer” Stone


Via Geeks are Sexy: I’ll probably post more about Coran “Kizer” Stone wonderful art in the near future, but for today I just want to show you all this brilliant re-imagining/ mash-up of two childhood favorites. So, just imagine Bill Watterson’s, Calvin grew up to be a secret agent. Likewise, A.A. Milne’s Christopher Robin grew up to be a mad scientist. Then they fight! If you’re not loving that idea please get off Atomic Moo and never come back. Here’s a more complete/ better idea of the concept behind the art:

How Dr. Robin and Secret Agent Calv know each other:

As children, these two had constant feuds after Calvin literally stepped into Christopher’s neck of the woods. That’s when the Battle began, the test of their imagination. Calvin would talk about his “friend” and his abilities and Christopher would counter and say “but can he…” it went back and forth between the 2 of them. As they grew older they grew in different directions. Calvin met new people and made friends – although his best and imaginary friend “Hobbes” stayed with him all the way into adulthood.secret_agent_calvin_hobbes__meet_dr__robins_by_kizer180-d4jp88e Christopher on the other hand became more introverted but made the characters
he invented as a kid more apart of his character as he got older.

Christopher Robin had to leave for boarding school after being accused of burning down the 100 Acre Woods. Later ol Chrissy boy learned that someone saw a stripped shirt, wearing kid also wandering the woods on that very day. Turns out that Calvin who was fond of playing with matches at the time burned down most of the woods by mistake – Chris got the heat though.

Good god this should be a real thing! Check out the art below, but also go visit Stone’s Deviant Art portfolio and check out all the other amazing “geek” art he’s done!


secret_agent_calvin_hobbes__worlds_a_playground_by_corankizerstone-d4i7u65 secret_agent_calvin_hobbes__the_hog_by_kizer180-d4n2ow3

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