Via Geek X Girls: This year artist PJ McQuade (cool name) has put together some fun, Star Wars styled, Christmas cards. I mean; sure, we still hate Christmas, but this makes it a little better. Check out a small sample below but also click the link above to see more cards and more of Mcquade’s awesome/ geeky portfolio!


ddd46c64632544328e7df9c44adb5c76 e42c66fa428e44f1752259f503684b06 b71dbf3cddac444f8acabb83b6aa1d76 3d7835794ceb7c441bfd85b0c53aa1e7 70a33cec92a71ed8041bec30a03befd5 284c5c3b6a48fbe7e73d78431d8a934b 5abc1596fc7e99e8c850f9171529e689 19c2bbc77b2fde692f1f0d5bb530a69f 357da03e27cf9afd9662c43a39e94fad star_wars_christmas_cards_08 9bb8fd4c54149b4e936b1108eea8e665

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