Why You Should “Warm-Up” Before You Art!


S’up El Moochadores! Okay, I tried it and I didn’t like it, so I’ll never (ever) start a post with “s’up” again. Anyways, during a recent Moocast recording (which may or may not ever be heard…) we were talking with some of our fellow brethren Moo about the importance of practice and warming up when doing art. Yeah, we’re artist. Sort of. We at least do a smattering of art around here, and being a “geek creative” website, and podcast, we’re always in a mood to learn more.catwoman_by_reiq-d5ql92x So, give this short video by artist Reinaldo Quintero (aka Reiq) a watch and learn the importance of warming up before diving in and doing some art! Also, we’ve posted about Reiq’s amazing art in the past, but if you haven’t seen it yet then be sure to go visit his site, reiquintero.com or his portfolio on Deviant Art!


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  1. That’s an impressive number of asses.

  2. Mister Trog

    12/21/2013 at 11:26 pm

    Art, Neko. It’s art. Sweet. Round. Wide art.

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