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Hello El Moochadores! It is I, Sir Noel, the Moo’s resident Doctor Who expert. I would like to wish you all a Happy Boxing Day. Last night, the BBC aired Matt Smith’s final episode as the Doctor, entitled, “The Time of the Doctor”. Now, I admit I was a little up set that they would air a regeneration special on Christmas. As the day went on and I was spending time with my family and loves, my mind kept drifting off because I knew I would be losing a friend later that night. Now, the episode did not disappoint in any way, I just wish they had done one a more proper Christmas special with Matt Smithmatt-smith1 before the regeneration. David Tennant got his final Christmas special, “The Next Doctor”, before his regeneration special, “The End Of Time”.

With that said, in this article, there will be two reviews! One that contains no spoilers whatsoever, and then there will be a more in depth review following that one. So if you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t read past my next paragraph.

Wow, okay. “The Time of the Doctor” – amazing. The basic plot is that the doctor must protect a town called Christmas from all of his former enemies. Every bad guy that Matt has faced shows up in this episode, and I do mean every one. Not that its important, but this small town has a truth field so no one in the town can lie.time-of-the-doctor-wooden-cyberman This just adds to the quaintness of the town. Clara does something that only one other character in Doctor Who has ever done. It was awesome. In short, it was an amazing way to send off a doctor, and I will miss Matt. Now, if you’re not interested in spoilers, this is were this article ends for you. I do wish (the fine and attractive reader that you are) a happy Boxing Day and a wonderful new year.

Okay, now to the meat. There are a few things of note that occur in this episode. One, they went back and fixed a major continuity error that happened during David Tennant’s run as the Doctor. In the series four finale, the tenth Doctor is hit by a Dalek’s energy blast and he begins to regenerate. In that episode, he transfers his energy into his hand and he is fine, and we still get one more year with David Tennant as the doctor.TennantReg We find out in The Time of the Doctor that that was a proper regeneration and 10 simply kept the same face. Given this new information and taking into count the events of the 50th special, this makes Matt Smith the 13th Doctor the final form of the Doctor. Time Lords are only allowed to regenerate 12 times, leaving 13 versions of themselves. “The Time of the Doctor” takes place over the course of a thousand years – roughly. Matt smith has always been able to play age very well; in this episode, we actually see him age.

Now another thing of importance is that we finally get to see what the doctor was afraid of in the the episode; The God Complex.crack It was the cracks from his first series as the Doctor. On the other side of the crack this time was Gallifrey, his home planet. This is actual what united all of the doctors enemies in the first place. I didn’t want to say that earlier, as I felt that was too much of a spoiler to write.

There are hundreds of little nods to the history of the show, and some really cool things if you’re a die-hard fan, but if I go down that rabbit hole, we’ll be here all day. So with that said, let’s skip to the regeneration. In the final moments before the doctor dies, a crack opens up in the sky and regeneration energy comes flying out, hits Matt, and and it’s his regeneration that was so powerful, it destroyed the armada of bad guys. Then, we get some wonderful moments where Matt almost breaks the fourth wall and he tells us how much being the Doctor has meant to him. Now, here’s the moment that sets up the next season when Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi.PeterCap The new Doctor has no memory of his past 15 hundred years of knowledge. There’s two theories as to why. One, this is a momentary lapse in memory. The same thing happened when Paul McGann became the Doctor in 1996. The other explanation is that, since this regeneration was unnatural, this extension of the Doctor’s life cycle may have come at the expense of his memories and past history.

Either way, I can’t wait to see what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will be like. With that said, I am very saddened with the loss of Matt Smith’s Doctor, because at the end of the day, he was my Doctor.

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Check out the trailer for Time of the Doctor below!

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