The Atomic Moocast #68: Interview with Sweethearts of the Galaxy Stars Kit Quinn and David Dickerson!


What’s the point of having a deadline if you’re not going to miss it, right? Well, here it is folks! Friday’s Moocast – on Monday! On this grand edition (of low budget podcasting at it’s best) we talked with Sweethearts of the Galaxy actors; Kit Quinn and David “Not the Jewish lawyer” Dickerson!Capture12_edited If you didn’t already know; Sweethearts of the Galaxy is a fantastic new web series about a girl who thinks she’s the superhero, Trinity Infinity (Quinn) and her friends who play along to protect her fragile mental state. It’s a great show with a Clerks like vibe and Kit Quinn running around in purple spandex! It is also free on the Youtube! Both Kit and David were awesome guests and many thanks to them both for coming on the show!

So, here it is folks! Don’t delay! Now’s the time to scavenge a cool-fizzy soda! Then secure a warm-comfy space! Then brace your fragile mental states for the storm of audio excellence just moments away from flooding your ear holes! It’s time for the Atomic Moocast! Hit play! Do it! Now! Now! NOW!

heh. Enjoy!

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Songs used:

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  • As I Figure
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  • Latin Industries

Show Notes and Links

Sweethearts of the Galaxy episode 1

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      12/30/2013 at 8:52 am

      Tech issues! Working on it… Nothing can ever just go right.

  2. Mister Trog

    12/30/2013 at 12:57 pm

    Okay. Everything is fixed and should be working. Should be. Maybe.

  3. My resolution is to cut down on Internet time. We’ll see.

    That Denny’s menu looks really gross! Hmm, getting hungry.

    Yes, let’s see that original comic strip.

    Nice interview, with drinks after!

    Happy New Year!

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