Atomic Moo Comic Review: Number Cruncher

Number Cruncher

These last few years my beliefs have become more atheistic. All the b.s. I was taught in Sunday school just doesn’t make much sense, and I haven’t heard much else that does. Still, I tend to hope there is something more to this life than what there appears to be. It just seems like a damn shame to acquire a life-worth of experience, skill, and knowledge to have it all fade out into a void. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with all this… I think this electronic trance music I’m listening to is having a strange effect on me, and this graphic novel Titan sent us to review has got me thinking about this sort of stuff.

The book is called Number Cruncher, a four issue series that’s been crunched (get it???) into one book. Written by Si Spurrier and drawn by PJ Holden. Alright, this is where I hit a roadblock, because I’m not sure how to describe this story. So I guess I’ll let Titan do that for me and post he synopsis below:

Dying young, a brilliant Mathematician discovers a way to cheat the terrifying Divine Calculator. He schemes to be endlessly reincarnated in the life of the woman he loves, no matter how often the violent bailiffs of the Karmic Accountancy cut short each life. It falls to one such Karmic agent – the surly Bastard Zane – to put a stop to the time-twisting romance once and for all, before the Mathematician can pull-off his greatest trick and escape Existential Justice forever!

This book was awesome. Maybe A little over my head though (I was an art major after all), but I loved all the twists and turns it took. It was fun following Bastard Zane as he tried to figure out what the mathematician, Richard Thyme, was up to. The art work was great, black and white for the afterlife, color for our world. Hell, I even like the cover logo, which was nice looking logotype.

Numbercruncher Sample Page

I thought the concept of there being an ultimate number that the universe is building up to—and our actions, being good or evil, can have an effect on it—was interesting. I’m not sure this is my ideal afterlife scenario though. Reincarnation? Having to go through puberty and high school again? Fuck that. And all the possibilities that you could come back as… I mean, what if you came back as a Brony? Hell no! I’ll take the void.

Number Cruncher Sample Page 2

Anyhow, I can’t keep rambling, so I’ll just say that this book is definitely worth picking up. Believe me, I would tell you otherwise. I don’t want to spoil any of the book here, but I hope we get to see the character of Bastard Zane return again someday. Anyhow, I’ve got a drawing to do. Later!

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  1. …are you guys trying to tell me something?

  2. Mister Trog

    01/22/2014 at 7:04 pm

    Only that we love you. And you will be crushed.

  3. Mister Trog

    01/22/2014 at 7:04 pm

    Only that we love you. And you will be crushed.

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