Jeweler creates miniature designs – despite having no fingers


Via Laughing Squid: Hey El Moochadores! Here’s a good bit of late night inspiration; Though she was born with no fingers, English jeweler Annette GabbedeyAnnette has become a master goldsmith with the ability to produce beautifully intricate jewelry. Check out this great video from SWNS TV where in Gabbedey explains how she can make beautiful master pieces with specialized tools and no fingers!

Annette Gabbedey, 48, spends months creating delicate rings and bracelets, glittering with precious diamonds and opals in her workshop. But the expert goldsmith does not have any special tools to help her work without digits – she simply adapts conventional crafting devices to create dazzling ornaments. Determined Annette – who insists she is not disabled – even says she could not imagine doing her job with fingers because they “must get in the way”.

I was also able to “borrow” a few images from the Laughing Squid site showing some of Annette’s work, but go check out her website for more information.


AnneAG_OpalPend_2 AnneBespoke_-_Opal_and_diamond_bangle_1 AnneOpal-Ring

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  1. Fingers are wasted on people like me.

  2. Goddamn laptop cameras…

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