Wars on Kinkade!


Via Geek X Girls: According to Wikipedia; Thomas Kinkade was “an American painter of popular realistic, bucolic, and idyllic subjects.” His works, mass marketed in malls (mostly) everywhere, often show tranquil settings full of light and nature; Then Alien Artisan (aka Jeff Bennett) swoops in with an airbrush and blows it all to hell! Please do enjoy this amazing pieces of Kinkade-ish settings over run with Star Wars! Otherwise boring paintings now have ideal settings blasted away by Storm Troopers and gated back yards contain Rancor monsters! Be sure to check out more of Bennett’s great art at www.alienartisan.com! Ahhh, yes. The smoldering remains of a summer cottage… beautiful.


war_on_kinkade_01_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmek0 war_on_kinkade_02_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmej7 war_on_kinkade_03_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmei3 war_on_kinkade_04_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmeh0 war_on_kinkade_05_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmefs war_on_kinkade_07_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmedk war_on_kinkade_09_by_rolanddeschane-d6rme1n

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  1. I think I want one. Not sure if I want it “ironically” or not. This is a real crisis.

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