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Any collection of hard boiled crime, and pulp, novels would not be complete without a dangerous quest for lost Egyptian gold. The idea of “tomb raiding” in the harsh deserts of Egypt occurred to author Michael CrichtonMichael_Crichton many years before a certain Dr. Jones would don a fedora and strap on a bullwhip. Crichton’s (writing as John Lange) Easy Go is a fun adventure story of five people brought together to rob Egypt’s secret last tomb, or die trying! Here’s the synopsis:

Beneath the sands of the Egyptian desert lies treasure beyond imagining. And when a professor of archaeology finds clues to the location of a Pharaoh’s lost tomb in ancient hieroglyphs, he hatches a plan to find the burial site – and plunder it. But can a five-man team of smugglers and thieves uncover what the centuries have hidden? And even if they find it, can they escape with it…and with their lives?

Though this may not be the most exciting of the Lange novels, now in reprint through Hard Case Crime, it is a constant page turner full of interesting characters who approach the plundering of a tomb in the most sensible and scientific way available. The team of smugglers and thieves are something straight out of the movie. There’s the English Lord benefactor; the bookish archaeologist; the hard boiled team leader, and (of course) the attractive assistant; along with deadly thieves, con men, and cobras. Unfortunately the cobras only make a few brief appearances and, contrary to the novels cover, there are no scimitar wielding horsemen to threaten the team as they painstakingly dig for a last tomb. Though what Easy Go may lack in action (as compared to the previously review Lange novels) it does make up for with a good bit of humor and intrigue. It does answer the question of “how does one rob an lost Egyptian tomb” very well and to a satisfying conclusion.

Easy Go is available now in all major book stores or you can get your copy online at!

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  1. Is there some kind of Atomic Moo boxed set of these? They look like they’d make a good gift.

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