Via Big Shiny Robot: Here is a behind the scenes look, and introduction, to one of the characters featured in Disney’s upcoming Star Wars: Rebels. Meet Chopper, an old (belligerent) Astromech made from old used astromech parts. Here’s a quote from the Star Wars Youtube:

ChopperChopper is a new kind of droid in Star Wars — he is not completely subservient to his masters, and he can be gruff. This personality is echoed in the character’s look and sound: Chopper appears more beat up and run down than most astromech droids, and his beeps are in low, grunt-like tones. “He’s built from all these different parts. There’s not one part of him that’s original,” says concept artist Amy Beth Christenson. Chopper’s design, as seen in the video, takes direct inspiration from original trilogy concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s initial ideas for R2-D2, including the expressive arms that fold out of his head.

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