Via Deviant Art: Shortly after waking up this morning I got a little lost in the creative labyrinth that is Deviant Art and wound up facing some fantastic looking work from illustrator James Zapata! Zapata is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from New Jersey and his portfolio includes work for Wizards of the Coast and Applibot inc.scarecrow_process_by_james_face-d558eod Along with the work on his Deviant page, Zapata (I just like saying that name…) also includes several images of the process of making these illustrations. Very keen! You can check out an interview with Zapata at CG Cookie and see more of his portfolio at his website,!


clayface_by_james_face-d4ul91y two_face_by_james_face-d53n71b scarecrow_by_james_face-d4v25ty ra_s_al_ghul_by_james_face-d6220w5 (1) poison_ivy_by_james_face-d4vvnps mr__freeze_by_james_face-d4van09

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