article by Brandon “Sir” Noel


Hey, El Moochadors. It is I, Brandon Noel, or Sir Noel, as the Moo brothers call me. I want to talk to you about something very important to me personally. Legends of the Knight is a documentary about one of the most important things in this world: Batman.safe_image This documentary isn’t about the most bad ass of heroes; rather, it focuses on how real people can find strength through this fictional character. I learned how to read through comics. You see, I am dyslexic. I learned how to read when I was 13 and used comics not only to learn how to read, but I owe a piece of my humanity to a piece of those four colored periodicals. So when I saw the Facebook video for Legends of the Knight, I began to cry. This video broke me. I cried hard. I am talking man crying snot bubble kind of crying. This video, in four minutes, showcased everything right with nerd culture. Ours might be a group of cynics and nerd ragers; however, every once in a while, something comes along that this community can point to as to why we care so damn munch about these characters. These characters are so important because the do make a difference; people, kids, the whole world finds strength in our heroes.

Legends of the knight is looking for places to have screenings. I am trying to set up a local screening in Hemet because of how much I was moved by this four minute trailer. This year, Batman turns 75. That’s 75 years of kids find hope. 75 years of the world being a little bit better. If you’re a nerd, if you give a damn about any characters (Doctor Who, Superman, Transformer, G. I. Joe…) make a stand with Batman and support this film. It needs to be seen. Go to and show your support.

Thank you.

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