Titan Comics has just combined Alan Martin’s latest four issue run of Tank Girl into a new graphic novel; Solid State Tank Girl! Featuring the illustration work of Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, this new adventure takes the post-apocalyptic – tank riding – aussie deep inside her own lover and an eventual face off with her own private nemesis! Here’s the synopsis:

Booga, Tank Girl’s marsupial lover, is near death. To save him, she must shrink herself and her cronies down to microbial size, enter his blood stream, clean up the mess, and be home in time for beer and snacks. But their Incredible Expedition goes horribly wrong when, deep in Booga’s scrotum, Tank Girl encounters her ultimate opposite: Anti-Tank Girl!

There may be trouble ahead…

Solid State Tank Girl is fun and erratic, but it’s also a tough book to review because if you don’t like Tank Girl comics, then your just not going to like this one; However, if you are into all the Tank Girl goodness that has come before this one, then you’ll be happy with this collection.SolidStateTankGirl_004_Cover_web.jpg.size-600 Make sense? Probably not, so try this. Don’t take anything too serious with Tank Girl. Just have fun with the all the chaos that comes along with a story about a tank riding girl and her half kangaroo boy friend. Also, let go a little and enjoy the chaos of Cadwell’s art which fits in nicely to a story where a Tank Girl gets to fight a pink pony pooping version of herself, but only after she flies a submarine/ spaceship thing through her boyfriends balls! This isn’t just a graphic novel, it’s an opportunity!

Solid State Tank Girl is currently out in all major book stores now, or you can get your copy online at the Titan Comics website! I’ve posted a few sample images below, but this is just a small sample! Go get the graphic novel and enjoy some tank girl for yourself!

SolidStateTankGirl5 SolidStateTankGirl4 SolidStateTankGirl3 SolidStateTankGirl2 SolidStateTankGirl1 SolidStateTankG1 SolidStateTankG

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