Via Starving Artist Inc.: Since starting Atomic Moo we’ve posted on the many different ways fans and artist have expressed their talents and enthusiasm for pop-culture; However, I don’t think we’ve covered wood burning until now. So, check out the incredible talent of artist Brittani Nay4525255_orig and her very geeky wood work! Nay specializes in custom wood burn art covering subjects like Comic books, Horror, and Science Fiction. On her website (link above) Nay discusses her process for wood burning:

All of my pieces are handmade. I start out with an idea, that leads to sketching out the layout, then transferring the image onto the wood. I then wood burn the image. I then hand brush the different wood stains to add depth and dimension. Once this is done I complete all of my projects with a clear coat finish to ensure long lasting quality and a gloss finish.

Below I posted a few samples from her online portfolio, but a larger gallery of work, and purchasing information, can be found on her site!


6543939_orig 5325809_orig 5271167_orig 595070_orig 3951818_orig 4548605_orig

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