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Via Make: Wow. Well, as far as we’re concerned, maker Jeff Highsmith gets the “best dad in the world” award today for whipping up this fantastic looking “Mission Control” study desk for his son. The Desk is loaded with all sorts of niffty sound effects and switches; excellent for any 5 year-old (or 37 year-old) to want to play with after finishing their work. Here’s what Highsmith had to say about the desk:

My older son recently started school and needed his own desk for doing homework. I wanted to make something nicer than a simple tabletop with legs, and realized that I could also build in a bit of fun for when the homework is finished. Both my boys and I still had space travel on our minds from our summer trip to Kennedy Space Center.desk For this desk project, I decided to go with a NASA theme. I researched the Apollo Program as well as NASA’s Mission Control Center, and designed my own console roughly based on those. I say “roughly” because the actual Mission Control does more monitoring than controlling, and isn’t awash in the whiz-bang rocket noises young kids appreciate. I took great liberties and made more of a “space-themed” play console than an accurate simulator. My goal was simply to provide some extra ideas and sound effects for my two sons to play “space” together.

What a great dad! This is a really great piece of geek creativity and doesn’t make me bitter at all of my own lackluster childhood. I mean, he made his kid a great study desk. Wow. It took my dad two months to figure out a name for me, and (if asked at the time I was in school) probably couldn’t even have told you what school I was in, let alone what grade. My mom, to this day, has never called me by the right first name on the first try… Anyways, I’m going to go fix my problems with some jack and coke. While I do that, check out the Make youtube video below and the small gallery of images featuring this great study desk. More of Jeff Highsmith’s projects can be found at his personal site,


img_3120 img_3119 img_3117 img_3116 img_3101 img_3099

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  1. Makes those balsa wood dinosaur skeletons look like a pile of crap, don’t it?

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