Hey El Moochadores! Right now on Vimeo is a very cool Matrix fan film, Trickster! The film was produced by Felix Joleanes and stars Brigitte Hernández. About the film, Joleanes wrote;

The project was born in 2013 when Antonio, a friend of mine, suggested to make a video with a Sentinel 3D model that i made some time ago for fun. I was hooked since the beginning with the idea, I wrote a small synopsis and then a 3 page script, the project started to grow more than i expected. At the beginning we only thought of making a small visual effects integration video and then we ended up with a 3 minute live action short film.

More information about the animation work and film can be found at The Trickster Project.


Trickster – The Matrix Fan film from Felix Joleanes on Vimeo.

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