Via Big Movie Mouth Off: Finally someone is putting babies to some good use! I mean sure, you could let your kid flop around the floor, happily pooping into it’s diaper, but wouldn’t it be better to use that milk hungry, tax deduction, as a prop in your cosplay? Of course it would! Just like Carsten Riewe did (at least I think it’s Riewe in the costume, the youtube says little) when he made this great looking P5000 Powerloader and incorporated his daughter as the would be driver! Here’s a quote:

…The arms and legs are full moveable and the top-light and LED were powered by an 12 Volt battery pack stored in the backpack. The on/off switch is in the left arm. Also in the backpack a Bluetooth boombox ist installed to play mechanical robot sound fx or music if preferred. It took 100 working hours to finnish the costume and I built it for the “Karneval”-Parade in my hometown in Germany February 2014. My 13 months old daughter enjoyed to be carried and moved in her harness safely.

Check out the Youtube video below and let us know if you have any awesome babe inclusive costumes too!



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