Via Kickstarter: Hello El Moochadores! Chudd and I have said many time before that we want Atomic Moo to be much more about independent creators with a geeky vibe. In pursuit of that direction I spend a good deal of time on sites like Deviant Art and Kickstarter, looking for quality projects that may not have been picked up by the bigger sites yet. In fact it was on ye old Kickstarter yesterday that I came across something that screams geek creative: Man or Monster Studios: The Warlords of Wor!wor_2

The Warlords of War are a unique line of indie, retro 1980’s, action figures created by Indiana based artist, Brandon Michael Barker. Here’s a complete description of the toys from the Man or Monsters? website:

Warlords of Wor is a line of DIY designer action toys produced exclusively by Man or Monster? Studios featuring a host of original characters and stories set within an exciting world of magic, science and wonder! Each toy in the Warlords of Wor line is individually handmade, cast in high-quality non-toxic resin, and hand painted with safe, lead-free paints.wor_3 The toys stand around 5.5″ tall and feature a build and heft reminiscent of retro barbarian action toys. Each toy features an impressive 10 points of articulation and is composed of at least 11 fully interchangeable magnetic parts, allowing for unlimited customization and character creation by swapping parts from toy to toy!wor_4 Each Warlord of Wor comes packaged in a crystal clear poly bag with a glossy printed header card and contains a number of weapons and/or accessories. Header cards also contain “Wor Bucks,” a proof-of-purchase that can be used to redeem special offers and exclusive Warlords of Wor merchandise, including a very special mail away for Dekay, the 8th and final character in the Warlords of Wor line, and the story’s main villain! Also available are DIY versions of each character cast in plain white resin, offering a unique opportunity for collectors and customizers to paint their own Warlords of Wor toys.

As I mentioned before, currently Man or Monster? Studios has a Kickstarter campaign running to fund a series of mini comics (reminiscent of the comics included with He-Man action figures of the early ’80’s)wor_7 that feature art from talents like Cory Hamscher (Supreme, X-Men Forever), Sean Forney (Scarlet Huntress, Grimm Fairy Tales), Brian Level (The Brothers James, Hoax Hunters: Case Files), Tom Scioli (Transformers vs. G.I. Joe), Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts), Wor_9Andy Belanger (Judge Dredd), hari Chankhamma (Sheltered, Kill Shakespeare), and Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Revival, Batman Eternal), with lettering by CRANK!, design by Sean Dove, colors by Lisa Moore. The Kickstarter only has a few days left, but the Warlords of Wor and other unique toys can be found on the Man or Monsters? Studios websites!

Below I’ve posted the mini-comic Kickstarter video and a video review about the Warlords of Wor action figures by Pixel-Dan.com, but this is just a small sample. For more information click the above links to support the kickstarter or to go see more excellent looking toys by Barker.



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