Via Geeks are Sexy: Okay, so the Micheal Bay flicks were kinda meh, but maybe the amazing scrap metal sculptures of Chinese artist Yang Junlin will “transform” your opinion. Huh? See what I did there? ahh, golly I’m getting good at this. Anyways! That’s right according to the Geeks are Sexy post I partially read, artist Yang Junlin (of Huizhou) has made over a 1000 of these sculptures since 2007! I’ve posted what images I could find below, after scouring the internet, unfortunately I could find a link to Yang’s site, if indeed he has one. So, check out the images below and don’t be afraid to start clicking away through the many links that go back to where ever these images first came from.


Transformers-15 Transformers-14 Transformers-13 Transformers-12 Transformers-11 Transformers-9 Transformers-8 Transformers-7 Transformers-6 Transformers-5 Transformers-4 Transformers-3 Transformers-2

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