Via Laughing Squid: Okay, so I’m looking for a new Job. I’m still employed, but I kind of feel that I’d like to do more with my life than my current minimum wage paying – load of road rage inducing – line of work is willing to offer. However, it’s tough out there! Really freak’n tough! Which means we job seekers need to look for the best ways to promote ourselves! Which means getting creative! Just like imgur user Pastlightspeed (aka: Leah) did with her fantastic looking Lego résumé!

According to her imgur page:

I wanted a fun way to stand out to agencies and get my resume out of the trash can — I’ve always loved LEGO and I created this set to highlight my creativity, skills and initiative! It’s something I hope to be able to send out along with a job application. started by designing myself in my interview suit as a mini-scale figure.Xo1tPwm I made custom instructions that highlight my skills throughout the build, but because it has multiple pages I didn’t take a picture.I then created a simple package design for the set with my extremely basic graphic design “skills.” I’ve only made two sets so far, this is really only for agencies that are dream opportunities, but I tried to customize each one based on the agency’s branding and colors.

Now, after seeing this I’m starting a complete new redesign of my resume. I’m not so much into LEGO, but I love horror movies! I’m thinking “book of the dead” themed résumé! Anyways, check out images from Leah’s cool résumé and maybe shoot us over some ideas you’ve had for making a résumé look cool.


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