Via Deviant Art: Good Morning El Moochadores! As geeks, or artist/creatives, or whatever we’re trying to call ourselves here at Atomic Moo… nostalgia is a massive part of what motivates us to want to make cool stuff! So, it’s especially great to come across art, like Patrick Ballesteros, that can remind us of how much fun pop-culture can be! Ballesteros is a Los Angeles based illustrator, and concept artist, with a knack for making incredible, and nostalgic, geek art. Below, I’ve posted just a small sample of Ballesteros’s work, but be sure to go Check out his Deviant Art page, and click the link above to visit his website, and see more increadible work and learn what events he’ll be attending this next year!


afternoon_tea_by_patrickballesteros-d5wy74p breaking_lab_by_patrickballesteros-d799pmz carrusel_de_fuerza___force_carousel__by_patrickballesteros-d5tl095 castle_grade_school_by_patrickballesteros-d6d8pi7 chasing_fireflies_by_patrickballesteros-d6bnd00 friday_night_frights_by_patrickballesteros-d6qkxdk manga_park_by_patrickballesteros-d5rndua land_of_nostalgia_by_patrickballesteros-d5rndmz game_over_by_patrickballesteros-d6m5wdf

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