Good evening El Moochadores! Now out through Titan Books is a brand new collection of stories of the world’s greatest consulting detective: Sherlock Holmes! This new volume is edited by legendary steampunk author, George Mann and features the literary talents of Justin Richards, Andrew Lane, Philip Purser-Hallard, Mark A. Latham, Nick Campbell, James Goss, William Patrick Maynard & Alexandra Martukovich, Roy Gill, Scott Handcock, Guy Adams, Lou Anders, and Philip Marsh. Here’s the synopsis:

Once again the spirit of Sherlock Holmes lives on in this collection of twelve brand-new adventures. Wonder at how the world’s greatest consulting detective plays a deadly game with the Marvel of Montmarte; investigates a killing on the high seas; discovers Professors Moriarty’s secret papers; battles a mysterious entity on a Scottish mountain; travels to Mars to unravel an interplanetary murder; and solves one last case with Dr Watson Jr!

Well, he kind of goes to Mars… Anyways, this new collection of short stories should be a real treat for anyone who considers themselves a fan of Sherlock Holmes, mystery novels, or even steampunk (there are a few strange contraptions at the core of many of these tales). Editor George Mann, and Titan Books, did an excellent job in bringing together a talented pool of writers. Each had a unique perspective of how to spin a Holmes mystery and yet they all maintained the classic elements most Holmes fans have come to expect. Watson is still the window through which we get to see Holmes work, and the detective (consulting detective) is still the slightly pompous, smug, detached genius A.C. Doyle imagined more than a century ago, but we also get forays into science fiction, time travel, fantasy, and steampunk-esque technology, that all combine to make one really fun book! So, if you’re a fan of the classic literature, or maybe you like the more modern films and television shows, Further Encounters has many excellent stories that will fit your Holmes lore nicely!

The Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes can be now be purchased at all major bookstores or you can get you copy online at Titan Books!

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