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Good morning El Moochadores! Wait, 10:40 am is still morning, right? Anyways, I was recently introduced to a funny, and extremely well produced, web series called LARPs! Or, LARPs: The Series to be more accurate.larps This scripted web series explores the world of larping (Live Action Role-playing) and the five friends who come together to act out a fantasy role-playing game. The whole thing was produced in Canada and was directed by Julian Stamboulieh. Here’s the synopsis:

Five twentysomething friends meet regularly to play in a LARP.Larp'sImageOne We follow these LARPers through their normal lives and see the parallels between the game and the real world. In roleplaying games, it’s not uncommon to see romance, power struggles, and epic confrontations–how does that affect the lives of its players once they take off their armour?

LARPs presents roleplaying as a normal hobby while acknowledging the sometimes eccentric nature of its players. Thousands of men and women roleplay around the globe–LARPs gives its audience a glimpse into their passion while still examining the realities of life outside the game.

The series stars Jonathan Silver as Author, Elizabeth Neale as Shane, Scott Humphrey as Will. More cast and crew information can be found at the LARPs website. Currently all 10 episodes of LARPs’s first season are on YouTube along with a “0” episode that introduces the cast of characters. LARPs also has a very cool 6 page web-comic (Backstory!) written and illustrated by the talented Mia Goodwin. Below I’ve posted the first 3 episodes along with a sample page of the web-comic.



LARPs Episdodes 1-3:

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