Good evening El Moochadores! Our good buddy, and fellow brethren Moo Sir Noel is a budding independent comic creator and recently he launched a kickstarter campaign to fund his latest comic, The Last Templar! Here’s the synopsis:

A Templar from the fourth Crusade is inadvertently sent to a future where there is no such thing as religion or God. This barbarous warrior of God is not sure where or even when he is yet is convinced he is in purgatory and vows to make every unholy soul pay. This book is for mature readers as there is violence, suggestive nudity and adult themes. Were offer the book on several different platforms in varies formats. The colored versions of the book are hand painted in water color. Every signal contributor will be thanked in the back of the book at every level. Below is a list of the different pledge levels.

So go check out the kickstarter or visit Brandon’s Facebook for more information about the book and how to support Destiny Comics. Oh, here’s another reason to pick up an issue: There’s an Atomic Moo ad inside. Yup, our very first advertisement in a comic book!

I’ve posted a few images from the model shoot included in the book below along with the Kickstarter promo video.


10173270_843414462338557_1894731469_n (1) 10178449_843414472338556_244299961_n (1) 10253397_843414465671890_1170670031_n (1) 10256015_843414469005223_1827175753_n

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