commission__cookie_monster_cupcakes_by_cakecrumbs-d5aflte (1)

Via Deviant Art: So, Chudd and I are a couple of fellers that like cake. Well, any sweet pastry or bake good slathered in chocolate, ice cream, is pretty much okay by us; however today I found some cakes that I almost wouldn’t eat. Almost.

Check out these really great looking cakes by Australian creative Cakecrumbs! Cakecrumbs (aka Rhiannon) does a wonderful job of mixing art and baking to produce some really fun looking bake goods. She also has a website where you can see more of her great work. I’ve posted a small example of some of the more pop-culture related cakes, but go check out her site to see some really tasty looking stuff.


piranha_plant_pops_by_cakecrumbs-d6cu2c3 mike_wazowski_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d738aaa jupiter_structural_layer_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d6eqxe5 game_of_thrones_sigil_cupcakes_by_cakecrumbs-d7dmlev blue_ringed_octopus_cake_by_cakecrumbs-d6wl2r2

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