Atomic Moocast #76! Our Interview with the Cast of LARPs: The Series!


So, Atomic Moo is going through a “re-build” and I just got back from extensive oral surgery (ow…) but we still managed to finish a Moocast! (ow.) Anyways, On this episode of the world’s greatest geek creative podcastlarps we talk with a few of the cast members of LARPs: the Series! Actors Scott Humphrey, Elizabeth Neale, and (writer/actor) Jon Verrall joined us for an insightful conversation about this funny new online series! (ow.) I’ll post a few sample episodes below, but go check out their website to catch all 10 episodes… after the interview. (ow.)

Anyways: It’s time folks, so get ready for it! Go grab that cool fizzy soda from the fridge and kick your partner, lover, roommate, parent off the sofa, because you need listening room for this one! Now just settle back and hit play on the best damn podcast your friends don’t know about!

Enjoy! (ow.)

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Show Notes and Links

LARP’s: the Series

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  1. Pretty and Talented. Yeah, that’s pretty annoying.

    Send a sticker and get his kid? Don’t tempt me.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of those painted ‘Mechs. Or of those quadruplets!

    LARP looks like it requires too much cardiovascular endurance for me. Add a horse and it’s a real sport!

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