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Good evening El Moochadores! Well, a story about modern day monsters doesn’t get more “grim” than this one! heh. get it? “Grim”? Anyways: Now out through Titan Books is a new paper back novel set in the strange, and often scary, world of Grimm! The Chopping Block, written by horror author John Passarella, pits Portland detective, and resident Grimm against an ancient cult of Wesen culinary deviants! Here’s the synopsis:

A cache of bones is found in a shallow grave in local woods… Meanwhile missing persons cases in Portland seem to be on the increase. As more bones are discovered, Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt and his partner Hank Griffin investigate – but there seems to be no connection between the victims…

This is the second “Grimm” novel I’ve read, and so far I’ve really enjoyed both books. The Chopping Block hits a disturbing level of Wesen/ human relations, but Passarella keeps it entertaining. He creates a story where detectives Burkhardt and Griffin are given a frustratingly small amount of clues (just the bare bones – pun intended)Grimm and a shrinking time frame in which to catch the killers. As far as any criticisms the book may deserve, and without spoiling anything: I did feel some parts of the story hit a little too close to the predictable, but that could also be because this story takes place between episodes of the television series and certain things had to happen to stay consistent. Also, the Wesen name dropping is a little annoying. I don’t think I would have minded it as much, had a description of the woged wesen (heh!) being mentioned followed the character introduction. However, these are small complaints and fans of the NBC show should love this new novel!

Grimm: The Chopping Block is now available at all major book sellers or online at!

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  1. You know, I never have time to watch TV anymore. This seems like a convenient way to get the same content in book format. It’s the future!

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