Amazing comic by Devin Kraft with creator Q&A!


Hey El Moochadores, currently there’s a kickstarter campaign for volume 3 of an original new comic, Dragon Slayer! Created by Devin Kraft, and colored by Space Gun Studios, this story follows a King who is seeking revenge against a dragon, and a Ronin out to kill the king. Here’s the synopsis:

Dragon Slayer follows three characters as they seek revenge. El Diel,Diel an outsider to the bustling feudal metropolis of Bel Brixus, sets out to kill the king who has provoked the destruction of his kingdom at the hands of a dragon.aldbrand In the wake of Bel Brixus’ destruction, King Aldebrand seeks to kill the dragon alone and unaided, leaving his army in shambles and the population to nurse its wounds.

His city is smoldering, and with his kingdom still in ruins, he presses onward, aided by his right hand man Darius. El, meanwhile, follows close behind, waiting for his chance to bring justice to the king.

We had a chance to check out the first issue where in Kraft weaves his own unique mythology to make a great story of revenge. Much of Dragon Slayer’s style is heavily influenced by eastern myths and legends, but there are also elements of magic and steam punk woven in to make a very dynamic and interesting world. Walking through that world are incredibly well designed characters and monsters.5eb4e4b5365aff7921e3d2de77bd75e8_large We especially enjoyed the “dog” like dragon that burns Bel Brixus at the start of the book, and even the grim, yet colorful, warriors/ronin, like El Diel. They are a different breed of ronin too. These are motorbike riding, gun toting, ronin and each wears the mask of a monster, or demon, giving them a fierce appearance. Though we want to avoid spoilers, we did especially enjoy one part of the book where El Diel has his need for revenge questioned shortly after being injured by a supernatural monster. All in all a great, action packed book, that you can help get made!

As of this post, the Kickstarter campaign has more than met its goal, but there is still a couple of weeks left to help contribute and get in on some of the many rewards being offered to contributors.

I’ve posted a few sample pages from the comic below, along with a short Q&A with Devin Kraft, and the kickstarter promo video. Check it all out, then skip on over to KS and help a great indie comic get published!


Q&A with Devin Kraft!

Q. When did you first get interested in making comic books, and why?

It’s weird to think about it, but in a sense I’ve been drawing sequential art since I was four or five. I wouldn’t say it was in my blood necessarily, but when I was a kid I redrew “Where the Wild Things Are” and had my mom write out all the narration. From there I got into the Archie Sonic comics, and I used to draw my own Sonic stories on my dad’s legal pads and staple them together. I got into manga when I was about 14 or so, and worked on a 24 page comic with my friend in high school. During college instead of doodling I’d just draw comics – I think I drew ten or so full length comics just during classes over the course of four years. I got to study abroad in Japan during my Junior year, so I tried to learn as much about manga illustration as I could during that time.

Q. What is one of the best lessons you have learned about making comics since first starting?

Ooh. Great question. I think planning is one of the most integral parts of making a comic, but I think above all everyone’s biggest challenge seems to be finishing what they’ve started. Everyone wants to make their creation as amazing as possible, but sometimes that results in writer’s block, so you just have to muscle through it to get something on the page sometimes. I think finishing things is one of the most difficult parts of creation in general, so I think ignoring small flaws and focusing on the big picture is important.

Q. What are some of the creative influences that inspired your work on Dragon Slayer?

Dragon Slayer is inspired by a ton of different sources, both in terms of art and story. Artistically, I’m hugely influenced by Katsuhiro Otomo, Moebius, Terada Katsuya, Brandon Graham, and Hayao Miyazaki. Story wise I was influenced by the Coen Bros., the Kaidan (sort of like Aesop’s fables for Japan), Final Fantasy games, Miyazaki (again!), and Akira Kurosawa.

Q. What is your goal for the comic? Go main stream? Keep it indie?

I would love for it go to mainstream in that I would like to get the comic in front of as much of an audience as possible. My sensibility will always be off-kilter in terms of telling stories, but if I had the chance to draw for a bigger audience, I don’t think I’d avoid it. Right now I’m unbelievably indie, just finishing comics to launch in small print runs via Kickstarter, so I’d be ecstatic if Dragon Slayer got me a job drawing for a bigger company, because as it is I field every aspect of my comic’s creation from writing it to mailing every comic out. It’s fun work, but I’d rather be drawing than doing book design.

Q. What events will you be attending in the coming year?

I’ll be attending Dallas Comicon and Houston’s Comicpalooza this month, then A-Kon in Dallas in early June. I’ll then be doing Roswell’s Cosmicon early July, and then Wizard World San Antonio in August. After that, I’ll be doing Dallas Fan Days in October. That’s the schedule so far.


Dragon-Slayer-page-08 Dragon-Slayer-page-22 Dragon-Slayer-page-37

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